Playwrights’ Commons

com•mons: /ˈkämənz/ noun, plural

resources belonging to, or affecting the whole community; provisions shared in common



  1. We’re thrilled to announce that Founding Dramaturg Ilana Brownstein has won LMDA’s Elliott Hayes Award for excellence in dramaturgy. Read her speech HERE.

  1. This summer, we’re trying a new Retreat model. Details to come!

  1. Find out more about the Freedom Art Retreat and browse previous Retreat artist profiles HERE.

  1. Boston playwrights: are you updating your NEW PLAY MAP profiles? We urge you to bust that out.

The Playwrights’ Commons Retreat Theme Song:

Who is the Boston or New England area playwright?

What are his concerns?

What is she writing about?

Visibility is key if we are going to celebrate and develop our local theatre-makers, both inside and outside our own borders.

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